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Don Gutteridge is the author of 50 books: academic, poetry and fiction. He was born in Sarnia Ontario in 1937 and raised in the nearby village of Point Edward. He graduated from Western University in 1960, taught high school English for seven years before moving to the Faculty of Education at Western in 1968. He is now professor emeritus and lives in London,Ontario..

Just published: Summer's Idyll a coming of age novel: Black Moss Press, paperback and ebook. To hear a discussion of the book in an interview with the author, go to See the review on "New About Us" page.

Hear Don Gutteridge read his poetry: go to Don Gutteridge/You Tube and watch the video.

Please visit five podcasts in which Don's Grandson, Tom, conducts interviews with the author on his life and literary works. The link is,

Just off the press: Inklings: Poems of the Point and beyond. Black Moss Press, $10.00. Available from Fitzhenry and Whiteside or online at Amazon, Chapters et al.

Published! A new collection of Poems: The Sands of Canatara, available on Amazon as an ebook. Recently published: two previous collections: Inundations, available as a paperback on Amazon and Indigo; The Blue Flow Below, available as a paperback on Indigo. Also, a previous collection, Peripheries (shown above) is available now as an ebook on Amazon

Note also: A new mystery by Don Gutteridge, author of The Rebellion Mysteries: Constable Garrett and the Dead Ringer. Available online at Amazon and Chapters/Indigo (paperback and e-book).

Lily's Story is now available from and Chapters/Indigo for $29.00 (new price) Below is a new review:

Review of Lily’s Story by Tracy A Fischer for Reader’s Favorite Reviews.


Wow. Just wow. I’m not sure if that’s enough statement for a review, but those were my thoughts when I finished Don Gutteridge’s book, Lily’s Story. The beautifully wrought historical epic follows our protagonist, Lily, as she traverses through life, from her childhood with a difficult father to her life as an old woman. In between, she experiences a whole lot, from the Underground Railroad that brought American slaves to the safety of Canada, to the Riel Rebellion, to the Great War and the flu epidemic that threatened the lives of all it touched. Add to that all the human elements of Lily’s Story, births, marriages and deaths, connections and losses, friends and foes, and you have one very powerful and complete story.

     Lily’s Story is not a book you can read all in one sitting. Weighing in at 828 pages, Don Gutteridge’s novel is a masterly work that deserves time and attention to devour. That being said, once you start Lily’s Story, you won’t be satisfied till you reach the end. Gutteridge’s ability to draw characters that are so realistic, so likeable, is second to none. His descriptions of Lily’s home in Ontario are so beautifully rendered that it is almost as if the landscape, the environment, becomes another character. Lily’s Story would appeal to any lover of fiction, but especially historical fiction of epic proportions. It is my great pleasure to highly recommend Lily’s Story.

Now available! Six new Marc Edwards mysteries: e-books from Bev Editions. Order from Amazon et al.

The Bishop's Pawn

Desperate Acts

Unholy Alliance

Minor Corruption

Governing Passion

The Widow's Demise

Reviews for the Marc Edwards Mystery Series

“As always, Gutteridge brings a piece of Canada’s fascinating past to bold life.”

-Jenni Morton, The Saskatoon Star-Phoenix

“Gutteridge knows his history and how to build and pace a mystery novel. A terrific historical series”

-Margaret Cannon, The Globe and Mail  

“Gutteridge continues to illuminate history and humans in smart, gripping fashion.”

-Joan Barfoot, The London Free Press

“Don Gutteridge does Canadian mystery fans a great favour with his Marc Edwards mysteries.”

-Sarah Weinman, The National Post

Lily's Story is now available in a print edition (611 pages).Go to Barnes and Noble Canada ($22.45) (click on e-book and then click on available format/paperback), Chapters/Indigo ($27.39)and Amazon ($26.02). Reviews available on Goodreads, Bev Editions and the About Us page on this site.


(In his masterwork of historical fiction, Don Gutteridge captures in fine, fully sensory detail the conflicts and changes of early Canada, and the prejudices, hatreds, disputes and loyalties involved in its development -- all depicted through the singular experiences of a woman named Lily through the decades of her long life. There is blood and disgrace, passion and kindness, love and heartbreak and courage in Lily's Story, every moment vividly, intimately rendered: Joan Barfoot, author of Luck et al.)


Now available:The Way It Was: Poems by Don Gutteridge, Friesen Press. Available from the Friesen Press Bookstore ($16.99). E-book and paperback available on, and Barnes and Noble. Also now available at Chapters/Indigo (e-book only). (Enter The Way It Was: Poems by Don Gutteridge.) Reviews available on Goodreads.

JUST PUBLISHED: numbers seven to TWELVE in the Marc Edwards mystery series: The Bishop's Pawn, published (February 9) as an ebook,  Desperate Acts (number eight) published March 9 as an e-book, Unholy Alliance (April 9), Minor Corruption (May 10) , Governing Passion, and The Widow's Demise -- all available from Kobo, Kindle (Amazon), Barnes and Noble and Smashwords.